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1. How do I install electronic cash-drawers? 41. How do I renew my Dazzle license code?
2. How do I install the ID scanner? 42. How do I use the Dazzle Repair module?
3. How do I set up the fingerprint scanners? 43. How do I get demographic information from Dazzle?
4. What are the hardware recommendations? 44. How do I set a universal login?
5. How do I program the barcode readers? 45. How do I set up Inventory buckets?
6. What is the correct Dazzle folder structure for a server ? 46. How do "Credits" work in Dazzle?
  47. How do I send Cash Payment Reports to the IRS (form 8300)?
SOFTWARE 48. Why does the numlock keep going off ?
7. How do I calibrate the ID scanner? 49. In Ohio why can't I renew a pawn on its due-date?
8. How do I get totals to print on receipts? 50. Upgrading all your computers to Win 7 or Win 8.
9. How do I get labels to print properly? 51. How do I do a multiple handgun report?
10.How do I turn the rocket toolbar on/off?  
11. How do I allow/forbid permissions for each person? SAMPLE REPORTS AND DOCUMENTS
12. I upgraded Dazzle but the version no. hasn't changed. Why? Click here to view our sample album (may take a moment to load)
13. How do I enable the Cell/Mobile phone field?  
14. How do I turn on/off subtotals on receipts? HELP VIDEOS
15. Explanation of Dazzle "advanced" accounting How do I pull an item out of pawn?
16. Quick guide to using Quickbooks with Dazzle How do I create my first pawn?
17. How do I create data backups? How do I create a police report?
18. What are the BWI reporting specifications? How do I create an active inventory report?
19. What is the Dazzle flow chart? How do I create a pawned item list?
20. How do I use the repairs module? How do I create an ATF log in Excel?
21. How do I fix disappearing fonts in XP? How do I send texts to customers with Dazzle??
22. How do I set up permissions and security?  
23. How do I create a custom report of specific items?  
24. How do I create a new scrap SKU? CHEQUE CASHING VIDEOS
25. How do I take pictures of merchandise in Dazzle? Cheque Cashing Demo part 1
26. How do I update goverment files? Cheque Cashing Demo part 2
27. How do I run a Pawn Statement of Account? Cheque Cashing Demo part 3
28. How do I generate forfeit notices?
29. How do I re-price multiple inventory items simultaneously?
30. How do I use the Direct DataSafe software?  
31. How do I send late notices, how do I forfeit pawns?
32. Why isn't Dazzle remembering my printer setup?
33. What are SDN lists and Sanctions lists, and how do I update them?  
34. How do I print Inventory reports and pawn inventory reports?